Meet the artist…

my CREATIVE Journey!

Artist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Wild Free-Spirited Heathen/Mystic Chic

Hi, Thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Annalisa.

I am an artist, and if I could describe my body of work expresses the love I have for nature and my fascination with the facial expressions of people and animals. Capturing moments that convey raw passion and emotion. my newest work is inspired by my deep love for all wild, exotic and domestic animals.

Devastating feelings of sadness and repulsion towards the subject of animal cruelty, poaching of elephants and other innocent exotic animals has ripped my heart in half for years. I tried to ignore it as many try to do, because of how difficult it is to come to terms with how humans are capable of doing such things. It blows my mind how humans are the most destructive animal species on this beautiful planet earth. We effect climate change and contribute to the endangerment of many of these precious innocent souls.



So I have to paint this subject no matter how long it takes! I have this calling deep in my bones to paint about this subject and need to find a way to help all humans to remember and show the beauty, love, compassion, and feelings of sadness that these beautiful animals live with. Emotions are not only for people! The emotional similarities between humans and all animals when in times of crisis or abuse is uncanny. They cry, laugh, have fun, they feel confusion and terror. How do I know this? It’s simple, just observe their faces and body language.

So this year my goal is to start working on a series dedicated to the Great Apes (GORILLAS), you may see some post of the study drawings on social media.


My spirituality plays a large roll in everything I do in life. I try to focus on my personal journey and help others when I feel called to do so. I enjoy discovering the benefits of living in the present moment, mindfully, healing within, connect with nature, and to live a happier and healthier authentic life.

My Spiritual path has inspired me to create Magickal Products

All my products have been inspired by my personal earth-based spiritual beliefs and practice. These products are all made to order and include the following:

Magickal Orbs, Poppets, Clay products, Moon Phase Boxes, Spell workings, Ritual Boxes, And more…….

All these spiritual and earth-based products will soon be available to order on this website.

I am so grateful and very blessed to have this awesome studio space to work in. It is nestled in a beautiful rural setting, surrounding by nature in Ontario, Canada.