Watercolor and Soft-Pastel

Reference Photo Credit to Jessica Mann’s Photography

Danielle Dulsky is a beautiful Goddess and a fiercely empowering woman. I have not yet had the opportunity to meet her, but it is on my bucket list. She is an author whom I am a big fan of, and I have read every book she has written. Reading her poetic freeing words, has been inspirational and liberating in so many ways. For years I struggled with my spirituality, feeling guilt and shame for what I believed in, and found myself filled with confusion while trying to find my way though the mystical forest of mass spiritual information. Danielle opened doors, and I found support with her wisdom, which gave me peace of mind. While reading her magickal and poetic story telling and while soaking in her teachings, the Caged Heathen inside me, screaming for me to wake up and listen was finally freed. Danielle helped me peel away many layers of shame, encouraging me to be exactly the woman I wanted to be. Danielle believes that “Words are spells. Story is medicine”, and I share that belief, because I am proof. She is a visionary and encourages everyone to honor their true self.  I hope one day, she and I will be able have a in person conversation over a glass of wine. I remember sending her a message to thank her for healing me. She replied, “You are healing yourself!” This woman is on my list of 100 amazing women because she helped me connect within myself, with nature, with animals, my ancestors and with my soul.

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