Watercolor and Soft-Pastel

Deliska is my beautiful sister and she has been an influential part of my life. I feel as if I can go to her about anything and she is always happy to help if she can. She is honest, intelligent, kind-hearted, generous, beautiful, and the best friend I could ever ask for. We have so much fun together and I love her laugh. She is a very talented pianist, and other musical instruments such as the ukulele, guitar and flute, she can crochet, and excellent chef, and now she is exploring her artistic skills. Check out her art here… Mrs Doodle Dee. I know I can always depend on my sister for support and she gives me reassurance when I most need it. When we were kids, we were inseparable and looked so much alike that many people would ask our mother if we were twins. Life isn’t always rosy between sisters as many of you may have experienced…but the one thing about my sister and I is no matter the obstacle we may be facing, we always make sure that we return to an even stronger and loving relationship. She is a wonderful mother of two boys, who she loves very much and loves all her fur babies as well. I wish she lived closer, so we could hang out more. (post-covid-19). As we age, I find we relate to one another much easier, I love her very much..

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