Watercolor and Soft-Pastel

This beautiful warrior goddess is Christine. For over twenty years now, we have been friends/sisters, and we have been through so many life experiences together. Christine has shown me with words and actions what a true friend and sister really is. She has been there for me through thick and thin and even when we do not see each other for a while when we reconnect it is like time stood still. I feel incredibly comfortable in her presence. She is like a warm blanket waiting to comfort you. She inspires me because she always finds a way to move forward no matter the situation at hand. She searches with awareness and presence for any open door and strives to go through it. She is mystical, and an angel in so many ways. She has a true love for nature and animals, and if I were lost in the woods, she is who I would most want to be with, for her survival skills. She is a fighter and gets things done! She knows exactly what to say at the right time and she can make me laugh like no other. She is my best friend, sisters forever! Love ya girl – Pumpkin

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