DAY 10 – Cara Makort

Watercolor and Prisma Color Pencils

Ok, so where do I begin expressing how Cara change my life forever? There is so much to say so grab a seat and a glass of wine, I will be here a while. I always have understood the importance of animals, nature and how to respect them and love them. But Cara took that knowledge to a whole new level. Her love for animals goes beyond anything I have ever seen and I love that about her. Sometimes I wonder if she could feel what an animal close to her can feel. While in the presence of this beautiful soul, I learned how to take care of my horses, and her horses, and during that time she showed me how mystical all animals are, especially horses. In the time that I have known Cara, she has been the voice for the voiceless. As an advocate for animals, she has zero-tolerance for the abuse of animals or anyone for that matter. She has the biggest heart you could ever imagine, and if she can help you, she will.

I was in an awfully bad spot at one time in my life (a bad relationship) and I did not know how to get out. Cara was a trailblazer during this time in my life and she showed me how to get out and how to stay safe while getting out. She was a safe passage for me at that time in my life. She is beyond wise and I believe she has an old soul. I am so happy for all the help she offered me, and her unconditional love during the process. She is intelligent, funny, and enjoys life, and I am so honored to have her in my life. So, my life changed because Cara helped me pave the way to a new life. A life leading to more possibilities.

The best lessons I have learned from Cara are the following….” You must face your fears if you want to overcome them!” “When you fall (off a horse at times) get back up, suck it up, and try again”; “Do not give up, you got this!!”; “You deserve better Anna!”, “Stop saying you want to do it and just do it!”. Oh yes, one more thing “SHUT YOUR DRAWERS AND DOORS!!” LOL (inside joke) 😃 Yup, I so needed to hear the many wise words. When I needed that “Tough love”, she was there. When I needed to have wine so that I can whine lol, she was there. If I needed a good laugh she was there and when I needed unconditional love she was there and she still is. Cara says it like it is, and I love that about her. I have so much respect for this beautiful life warrior. She has strength beyond belief (even if sometimes she does not know it). Thank you, Cara, for everything you have done for me. I love you so much!

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