DAY 11 – Deseray Scanlan

Watercolor and Prisma Color Pencils

Deseray is the sweetest young goddess, who brings a bohemian vibe with her everywhere she goes. She radiates love, caring energy, and gratitude for life and embraces all life has to offer. She is a kindred spirit and I love that we can talk about anything under the bright full moon. She has a distinct mystic appeal and a healing vibration that is so strong. Always carrying a smile on her face, which then puts a smile on your face. I do not think I have ever seen her without gratitude in her heart. She loves to tap into her creative side whenever she can, making the most beautiful free-flowing paintings. Her paintings remind me of her; incredibly carefree. Deseray is another woman I can call a sister, and she reminds me (without even knowing it) to enjoy life to its fullest. To be brave and face the world and embrace all it has to offer. Des, I look forward to getting together once this pandemic is under control with you and our other sisters in celebration under the full moon and by the fire pit. I miss you and wish you many blessings.

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