There is one word that stands out when I think about Alanna and that is perseverance. No matter what life bring her way she finds the will to get though it, she is a fighter. Alanna has the sweetest soul; she is soft spoken, and she is always doing her best to care for others when she is able. She is so beautiful inside and out and I am so honored to be part of her life. She is highly creative, and I believe that creating allows her a sense of accomplishment and freedom to express herself. She has supported me as an artist by taking a few of the art classes I was offering, and during that time where she was a student, she helps me become a better instructor. She is the most nurturing woman you can ever meet, and authentic to the core. Her motivation to strive one day at a time is how she inspires me, and also her unconditional love. She shares so much from her heart. Alanna, thank you for being my ear and shoulder when I needed it the most, thank you for all the laughs we have shared, for the moments filled with creativity and thank you for just being you! Love ya sista!

Published by ArtAnna

Artist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Wild Heathen and Solitary Eclectic Witch

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