Years ago, I met beautiful Arielle while staying a few winters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My husband encouraged me to apply at the local Art Museum to volunteer. So off I went, and they took me with open arms, and I began my journey as a volunteer working at the front desk. At the time, Arielle worked at the Museum as the arts Educator for the local young artist. She is so great with kids and she is an incredibly talented artist, pottery, and jewelry creator! Such beautiful work!!

Arielle sparked the beginning of my career as an artist and art instructor in my community. She is incredibly inspiring and carries a wonderful hippie vibe that I love so much. Working with her in the Museum studio was one of my best memories of staying in Myrtle Beach. I just love her energy, her humor, and her glowing smile. When she walks into the room you notice. She is a beautiful, confident woman who is always striving to experience everything that life has to offer.

If it wasn’t for this beautiful soul, I may still be wondering if I am good enough and stuck in a rut of not knowing what to do in regard to being an artist. I still don’t think I am all that great of an artist, (always learning) but through Arielle, I acquire a true belief and confidence in myself which is always growing a little more every day. She is like sunshine! I miss her very much and I wish her many blessings.

Love ya girl!!

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