Katherine Wrage



Kate is a dear friend of mine, we met working as Personal Support Workers at Granite Ridge in Stittsville over 10 years ago. I have always admired her work ethic, and how she cared for the residence with such comfort and safety. I loved when we were working together on the same floor.

She is one of the most intelligent women I know, and if I need to talk to her about anything, I know I will get a straight answer. I don’t really like the “passive-aggressive” or “beat around the bush” type of conversation. With Kate, I know we will have a straightforward conversation. I love that about her.

She is an incredibly talented photographer and I love her work. I can sit for hours listening to all of her life experiences while backpacking around the world. She has a great sense of humor, funny as all getup, and she has a big sister vibe to her. We have partied together and had so much fun and has the best smile.  I can remember many times sitting and talking about anything under the sun or moon over a glass of wine with Kate. She is great to hang out with.

I have tremendous respect for this life warrior. She has been through so much in life and has always managed to get out of situations and keep a positive mindset. Her opinion matters to me. No matter how long it has been since we have last seen each other, I always feel at home when I am with her. Kate has always been a wonderfully supportive friend, and I am honored to call her a sister (from “anotha motha”!)

Published by ArtAnna

Artist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Wild Heathen and Solitary Eclectic Witch

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