Earth Walker – The Autumn Calls

Earth Walker

Earth walker, can you see the changing colors at every turn? An aphrodisiac for your eyes and your creative mind. The dwindling leaves tumbling to the earth, floating back and forth, side to side with the slightest breeze.

Earth walker, have you noticed the shorter days? How the days and nights have found their delicate balanced? Preparing you for what is to come during the next season, a time for shadows and deep reflection. Perhaps this is a caring prompt to remind you that your time on earth is limited and, a tender push in the right direction, to act towards creating more time to balance out your personal life?

Earth walker, can you hear the crackling under your tired feet, as you walk on the leaf filled earth floor? A sound remining you of what is to come. Can you hear the call of the crows, ravens, owl, effortlessly sharing the magickal knowledge they possess?  It is yours if you listen.

Earth walker can you feel the power of the full moon, lighting up the cool nights? Can you hear the soul-haunting, sound of a wolf’s howl, and the coyote’s barks and yips, with each song containing many earthly bone shaking lyrics? Does it touch your soul?

Earth walker, can you feel the cool breeze on your bare skin? The beckoning call for the final magickal workings in the garden. The harvesting call and that feeling of complete gratitude for the bountiful food the earth has gifted you and your loved ones. Do you feel this gratitude deep in your witch bones? Dance in the cool air like no one is watching, allowing your skin to be touched by its cleansing powers.

Earth walker, do you smell that sweet scent of the dying landscape, sacrificing its seasonal life to mother earth? Nature recognises the importance to trust that she will renew life once again after the winter’s slumber. A reminder that you need time to rest and renew as well as she does, because you are one with her. Rest, renew, and let go of all that no longer serves you, cleanse your heart, mind and soul! Trust in HER!

Earth walker, can you hear the crackling fire and the glowing hues of its cleansing power, warmth and transformation? The Smokey air is somehow welcoming and a reminder that you have comfort in knowing you are safe and have plenty of fresh air to inhale. Breath!

Earth walker, can you smell the comfort food cooking in the kitchen? Stews, Soups and brews are boiling, bread, pies and cakes are baking. A reminder that you have the hunger for a passionate loving life, eating food and drinking wine in the warmth for your homestead.

Earth walker, this is your calling to prepare for the colder, darker and shadowy winter months. A calling to remember why you are here walking this earth. Will you Embrace the blessings of all autumn’s reminders with loving self-care?

Earth walker, it will soon be time for reflection and shadow work. Are you ready?

Blessed be


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