Daily Witchery

Whenever I sit at my altar, I feel an immediate sense of wisdom and calm. With a few deep hearted breaths, I feel the sacred calming running through my body, all the way down to my witch bones. The items I selected for my altar all have special meaning and help create an atmosphere that is comforting and inviting. My Altar is the truth teller, the seer, the place where anything is possible. It is my space of internal exploration, shadow work, and the mystical place I cherish. My altar is an expression of my authentic self.

Sedentary, sitting at my altar increases my ability to focus on self-inquiries and self-reflections. A place to write my morning pages, write in my journal, release, and record my spiritual practices, successes, and failures. All of this helps me grow into the heathen woman I aspire to be and helps me be grateful for the life I have the pleasure of living.

In my case, meditation is more meaningful when I have a sacred space, helping rises my vibrations and my ability to concentrate, meditate and visualization. Which are all necessary for successful manifestations and Magickal practices. Of course, you do not need an altar to meditate, but for me, the Altar has a way of reminding me everyday that meditation is particularly important on my spiritual path. When I Meditate, I set an intention so powerful, and sanctified in complete certainty and trust, that I will manifest my desires. That is practical Magick.

Nature is incredibly inspiring and brings the best out of me!

My altar is a daily reminder that I need to slow down, unplug, and take time out for some healthy self-care and self-love. Turing off all devices, tuning out so I can tune into the divine. I practice divination by reading my favourite Oracle Cards decks or Tarot, connecting to animal spirits, the elements, nature, and my ancestors, and writing my findings and messages in my journal.

The altar is a wonderful safe place where I can reclaim my natural feminine power. You know? That super bad-ass feminine warrior power. Building my strength, self-confidence, acceptance of myself as I am now, and to believe in myself. This all helping me to rise into my power. Embraces my true feminine power, and self-transformation.

My sacred space helps me stop and breath, and rest!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post

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