Day of the dead creation

To be Heathen

Día de los Muertos” or the Day of the Dead is a holiday traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2, though other days, such as October 31 or November 6, may be included depending on the locality. It largely originated in Mexico, where it is mostly observed, but also in other places, especially by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere.

During the days of the dead, participants often take the opportunity to visit the gravesite of loved ones and clean up the grave by pulling weeds, cleaning any debris and decorating the graves.  Often candles, flowers and the favourite foods of the deceased are placed on the grave, songs are sung and stories are told about those who have passed in their honour. Remembering our ancestors is important because they have paved the way in which we live our lives today.

So in the spirit of this celebration, off I went to Michael’s craft store to pick up a couple of these clay skulls to paint. This project was so much fun and I am very pleased with how it turned out, I always wanted a Day of the dead skull to add to my studio’s mystic and bohemian style of decor…I just love it! Looking forward to painting the next one.

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