Unconditional Love
Watercolor/Soft-pastel Painting
12″ X 16.5 “
Art by Annalisa Clarke

I am very passionate about the care of nature and all beings on this planet. I have this calling deep in my bones to paint this subject and need to find a way to help people remember the importance of ALL beings on this planet. Emotions are not only for humans! The emotional similarities between humans and all animals when in times of crisis, abuse, and happiness are uncanny. Animals feel sadness and cry, in their own way they smile and laugh, have fun, they feel confusion and terror. How do I know this? It’s simple, all you have to do is observe their body language and their facial expressions.

I hope you like this painting 🙂❤

In 2021 my goal is to start working on a series dedicated to the Great Apes (GORILLAS) Who are struggling with the coronavirus, deforestation, and poaching.