How cancer changed my life.

My Cancer Journey

By Annalisa Clarke

During the later part of 2021, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. This was crushing news and I had a difficult time dealing with everything that comes with this diagnosis and how cancer will change my life and the lives of people who love me. I needed to find a way to release
these emotions and fears in a healthy way. I chose painting as my healing process.

As an artist, I searched for inspiration from other artists who may have expressed how they were truly touched by cancer. But, to
my surprise, I could not find anything that inspired me in the way I needed.

What I needed was to express the fears and raw emotions I was dealing with when facing Cancer. All I could find were paintings or pink ribbons, which were
beautiful and lovely, but did not influence the healing needed in my personal journey. I needed to explain through my artwork what really goes through one’s
mind during the battle against a life-threatening disease.

This series expresses my fears, reactions, emotions, and experiences during my journey fighting cancer. It will not have any pink ribbons, but it will be filled with the deepest and rawest truths.

I hope you enjoy it.

All paintings created in this series are by Annalisa Clarke. These paintings vary from mediums such as gouache, acrylics, oils, and watercolour.

by Annalisa Clarke
gouache on acrylic paper
by Annalisa Clarke