All Magical Orbs are created in a ceremonial setting, and each one is blessed in sacred ceremony with an appropriate offering and intention. The goal is to assist the new owner of the Magickal Orb for a successful manifestation of the desired intention and purpose. Each Magickal Orb are uniquely made to order to the specified intention of its purchaser.

Common intentions for the Magickal Orbs are:

  1. Attraction Love
  2. Health and Healing
  3. Protection
  4. Attracting positive energy
  5. Cleansing the energy in your home/space


Time and effort are taken by foraging for the appropriate natural ingredients necessary for each of the Magickal Orb creations. All foraging is done with care and respect for the environment, with the goal of not interrupting our Mother Earth.  There are limited quantities available since I forage responsibly and in season.


Flat Orb = $10.00

Small Orb = $ 15.00

Med Orb = $ 20.00

Large Orb = $ 35.00


Shipping in Canada ranges between $15.00 to $20.00 depending on size of order, weight, and distance.

Shipping cost is not included in price and will be added to the final Total.

Everyone needs a little Magick in their lives!

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